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Overthorpe is a small village surrounded by the rolling farmland of South Northamptonshire, England, near the town of Banbury. Neighbouring the parishes of Middleton Cheney and Warkworth, Overthorpe overlooks the Cherwell Valley and lies approx. 2 miles to the east of Banbury. According to the 2011 census, the village comprised 95 properties, with a population of 235 of all age groups covering a broad spectrum of occupations.

Approached by tree and hedgerow flanked lanes on both sides, the majority of the village lies within a Conservation Area (see this map). The main thoroughfare through the village is designated as being for Access Only (read the Highway Code), leading to a relatively peaceful village yet benefiting from close proximity to the amenities of Banbury town.

As is common with many Northamptonshire villages, Overthorpe can be split into three main elements; the most modern residences can be found on the northern entrance to the village, comprising single and double storey residences largely constructed in the 1960s.

To the South of the village are former and current local authority housing, with the centre of the village mainly occupied by older, more traditional houses constructed with local Hornton stone.